Why I make New Year's resolutions all the time

Sitting under a pink flowery bed cover in Antigua, Guatemala on new years eve, writing this. Isa on the bed next to mine in our small room at the Spanish school we are currently staying at before it’s time to head south, to Costa Rica.

I want to say something about plans and wishes for a new year. How it’s easy to make fun of new year’s resolutions. The crowded gyms of January and tossed packs of cigarettes. The promises that often go up in smoke sometime in February.

The thing is that our wishes are far more important than we tend to believe. That we in the western cultures use them to swear oaths to get fit, healthy and accomplish more on our path to perfection is just a logical consequence of what we’ve been domesticated to believe is important. What our inner judges tell us we should change about ourselves to be better, good enough.

In fact, seeing the future and what we want to bring into our lives is something that we could practice far more often than once a year. I practice it regularly – every month at least and on a smaller scale every single day. It’s part of how I made this adventure happen. I’m using it to be the person I want and need to be. I’m using it to grow, evolve and go where my heart desires. I see what I want to happen and how I want to feel like it’s already here. Why this works? I’ll need more than these 30 min to get into that but the short version is that energy follows attention. What you see as true decide how you act, what you focus on. If your mantra is “Nothing good ever happens to me, I wish I could get a break” chances are you’ll get exactly what you believe.

The slightly more tricky part is to get rid of that inner judge and all the other voices so you can wish from a different place. For things that make your heart sing and nourishes your soul. You know what I’m talking about, the stuff that truly matters but that you most often reject as childish dreams or something that can wait because you got more important and practical matters to tend to.

Heading down the road of cleaning your beliefs and truly finding out who you are and what you want is not an easy task. It will require some brutal honesty with yourself, to be with all the uncomfortable emotion you’re watching Netflix to avoid and it’s likely it will change you from the inside out. But I tell you it’s worth it. And possible. For you as it’s been for me. There are many ways of doing it and you have to find the one that’s speaking to you.

So an hour before midnight in Guatemala I’m taking the time to see in to the future. I see my life as I want it to be, not from a greedy and needy point of view but from abundance, gratefulness and unconditional love. I’m already grateful beyond measure for all that 2018 will bring.

Sending you love on your own journey to some truly magical shit.

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