The end to this particular adventure

Our last week in New York

We’re on the last few days of our #momdaughtertravelingadventure and we are spending them in New York City. A crazy and quite wonderful change from the jungle, monkeys and beaches we’ve gotten used to lately. We will soon fly back to Stockholm. Writing this I realise that I suck at looking back at things and I don’t like calling it “going back” or “returning home”. Home is inside me and in the connection with life and others. I go forward and seldom back.

We get some questions as we’re closing in on the take off to Stockholm:

Do I feel sad that this is ending?
No, not on any deeper level. I feel new adventures are on the way – going to Sweden is an adventure in itself. There are new projects and ideas coming to life. There are things I will miss a lot from the traveling and places we have visited though, but that only makes me clearer about what life I want to create for myself.

Are we looking forward to go back to family and friends?
Yes! Of course. Especially Isa has been having a lot of longing for her family and friends the last month. And me too have a wish to re-connect with the people I haven’t seen in a long time. At the same time we’ve made a lot of new friends along the way and we realise that there will always be a longing to see the ones we are not with.

How will you adapt to old routines, school schedules and work?
This is probably the biggest change for Isa. She knows it will mean more routines and structured days and we have been talking about what that might feel like. And she can’t know until she’s there. It might be a relief to have a set schedule to follow, or it might feel like a smaller box then she’s used to after all the freedom we’ve had to structure our own days.
As for me I’ve created a quite flexible work situation since before, where there’s plenty of freedom to balance my work and projects with personal growth, social life and rest. I’m really really excited about sharing some of the work I’ve done the past years and offer self mastery coaching and courses to others. You can read more about the upcoming course here.

What I would do differently

A few things that I’ve thought of I would change or add if we would make this more of a permanent lifestyle with world schooling and location independency:

  • Find community
    Isa needs other kids to play with, grow from and the break from me and I need the grown up conversations and connections. We’ve had that on some parts of our travels but on other parts we’ve been more isolated to ourselves. Which has been great and much needed learning and growing experiences! But as a long term situation I can see the importance of community.
  • A tutor or similar for Isa
    To plan and be creative with the learning experience for Isa and to take away some of that responsibility from me. Someone that could both keep an eye on and steal from the education plans in different countries and inspire Isa to explore what she’s curious about.


We are ready to see what the old structures feels like with our new experiences and make changes to that life as well. All of this is an adventure. The mom and daughter traveling adventure continues. On the inside, on our way to the supermarket, with new travels, in emotions of loss, sadness, happiness, growth, abundance, fear and love. We keep exploring because that’s who we are. So let’s go forward to the next chapter, let’s go to Stockholm.


And hey, a question: What should we do with all the photos from our adventure? Do you want to see more? A gallery here on the website? A photo exhibition? A book?

Also. From our hearts, the biggest of THANK YOU to everyone we have met on this journey, who have been curious, sharing, open-hearted, caring and compassionate. Given us shelter, shown us the way, taught us stuff, listened, laughed with us, cried with us, served us cacao, followed flowers and not mushrooms with us, had movie nights, Disney sing-a-longs and played card with us, hugged us and loved us, watched the stars with us, eaten papaya and danced with us, surfed and played in the waves with us. To friends and family back home who have helped out and made this possible. And to everyone everywhere who have showed their support and followed along. Love you to pieces.


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