How to listen to the wind of your soul – why I keep coming back to Teotihuacan

How do you write about something that can’t be explained in words? Do you even try or do you leave it? Those are thoughts I’ve had when thinking if I should write about my experiences in Teotihuacan and the retreat we visited a few weeks back. Detaching from any expectations and practice writing from the heart and beyond, I’ll give it a go. A story that few have heard from me this way.

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Things I would tell my friend to do in Tulum

We left Mexico a little over a week ago and are currently in Guatemala. More on our experience here later but my great friend aka awesome girl aka one of the loves of my life Sofia is going to Tulum in January and I have promised her a list of things they should check out, in my opinion.

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Jumping in waves in Tulum!

So you know I wrote this post a couple of days ago.


Hi, it’s Isa writing again! Now we are in Tulum, Mexico. It’s very beautiful here and I enjoy it a lot! Today it has been raining the whole day, so I think we’re not going to the beach. 

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