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Bits and pieces from our travel

The end to this particular adventure

We’re on the last few days of our #momdaughtertravelingadventure and we are spending them in New York City. A crazy […]

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Learning Natural Horsemanship in Costa Rica

I’ve learned and discovered many things on this trip. One of the best things is when we were in Costa […]

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What we have learned so far on our travel

We’re closing in on 5 months on the road now and a planned 2 months to go. As I’m writing […]

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Why I make New Year's resolutions all the time

Sitting under a pink flowery bed cover in Antigua, Guatemala on new years eve, writing this. Isa on the bed […]

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How to go travel for 7 months with your child

There’s a lot of people who are out traveling at the places we’ve been to so far. Digital nomads that’s […]

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Learning on the road and building a stove from clay

One of the things we have set out to do on this journey together is to learn new things. Stuff […]

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Photos along the way


About our journey

Who we are

Eva and Isa, mom and daughter, 36 and 10 years old when the adventure began.
From Stockholm, Sweden.

Isa is in 4th grade in school and likes horse riding, skateboarding and musica.ly. Eva runs a digital communication business, works with self mastery coaching and is an educated dancer and choreographer.

Where we went

In September 2017 we headed out or Tulum, Mexico to start our 7 month long travel. We spent one month in Mexico to settle in to our new life away from home.

After that we headed to Guatemala and Lake Atitlan and found ourselves staying there for three months. Then it was time for surfing in Costa Rica before we made a quick visit to Panamá and Colombia.

We learned so much during this adventure and you can find some of the experiences in the blog.

How we managed our school and work

We were world schooling Isa. Kept in touch with her class and teacher along the way and followed along in maths but mainly learning from courses and experiences along the way.

Eva took work with her along the road and kept her digital communication business running.



You can always get in touch with us on Instagram or on hej@evaberonius.se

For Eva’s digital communication business, visit fibes.se