Why I make New Year’s resolutions all the time

Sitting under a pink flowery bed cover in Antigua, Guatemala on new years eve, writing this. Isa on the bed next to mine in our small room at the Spanish school we are currently staying at before it’s time to head south, to Costa Rica.

I want to say something about plans and wishes for a new year.

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How to go travel for 7 months with your child

There’s a lot of people who are out traveling at the places we’ve been to so far. Digital nomads that’s been out for two years. People taking time between jobs or educations to explore. And a lot of people that has left their old life and have chosen something completely different.

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Learning on the road and building a stove from clay

One of the things we have set out to do on this journey together is to learn new things. Stuff that we have wanted to but haven’t made time for. Or things we didn’t know existed and might stumble upon along the way. This is also part of Isa’s worldschooling during these months. We aim to follow her school curriculum in maths and Swedish language but besides from that learn from the things we get to experience.

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How to listen to the wind of your soul – why I keep coming back to Teotihuacan

How do you write about something that can’t be explained in words? Do you even try or do you leave it? Those are thoughts I’ve had when thinking if I should write about my experiences in Teotihuacan and the retreat we visited a few weeks back. Detaching from any expectations and practice writing from the heart and beyond, I’ll give it a go. A story that few have heard from me this way.

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Things I would tell my friend to do in Tulum

We left Mexico a little over a week ago and are currently in Guatemala. More on our experience here later but my great friend aka awesome girl aka one of the loves of my life Sofia is going to Tulum in January and I have promised her a list of things they should check out, in my opinion.

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The journey begins

Tickets booked, apartment partly emptied and around a month left to take off. A seven months long adventure where my ten year old daughter Isa and I will be exploring Central and South America as well as other ways of living, relating, learning and being.

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