What we have learned so far on our travel

A 5 month summary and a look ahead

We’re closing in on 5 months on the road now and a planned 2 months to go. As I’m writing this I can sense some mixed feelings. It feels a little unreal that we will be back in our apartment in Stockholm by the end of April. I know for sure that it’s not the same us that will walk back through that door we stepped out from in September. But I don’t see this as a one time thing, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I believe that our adventures will continue in small ways as well as big. Coming home feels like a beginning of new adventures, in whatever form.

So what have we done so far on this trip?

We have lived in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica. We have stayed long in places we just thought we would pass through and skipped others we were sure we would visit. We have practiced getting up in the morning and asking ourselves what we want and need to do in the day and not just doing things out of routine. We have put up routines and thrown them out when they no longer served us.

We have explored how a pyramid feels under our bare feet, how to build an oven out of clay, what it feels like swimming in a volcanic lake, how it feels to get stung by a jelly fish, what lives in tide pools, singing songs in Sanskrit, the many irregular verbs in Spanish, that you can make a horse move by staring at its butt, that some chickens really like a good back rub, that even huge toads start as tiny froglings, riding waves that traveled all the way from Antarctica, how dancing on a bamboo platform under the stars feels like, that being around people that love you unconditionally feels really good, that the sun looks really pretty when it sets in the ocean – every single evening, our emotions and where they come from, how we want to be treated by others and how we want to treat them, that you can learn at your own pace when you don’t have a whole class around you, that all bugs seem bigger in Costa Rica, that paddling a kayak into the wind is really hard. You get the idea, I could go on and on. (And you can follow along on Instagram)

The experiences are many but this has been the most impactful things so far for me:

  • Be and experience together with Isa. The conversations, the laughs, the tears and sharing the growth. I feel more whole when I’m able to share more of who I am with her and not being caught up in routines. I feel I now interact with her in a more relaxed way instead of trying to fit a set role.
  • Letting go of controlling behaviour. When out traveling I’ve been able to see it more clearly. Learning that the day doesn’t have to be chopped up into already decided sections that have to go the way my mind wants to but instead allowing myself to wake up and feel what I want and need.

And Isa says that her three biggest things so far has been:

  • Letting go of many fears and learning where her emotions come from
  • To feel so welcome and able to be herself in the loving community at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
  • Dare to do things in new ways

If you are interested in how we could make this 7 month travel reality you might want to read this post. 

With a little more than two months left we know that we will spend a few days in Panama City and then head down to Colombia to meet our dear friend Neil who will be celebrating his birthday there. After that we don’t know. Right now the Caribbeans are calling us more than continuing south. Do you know anything that we really shouldn’t miss? Let us know!

Some photos of things we have been up to lately

Enjoying the stunning sunsets in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Learning about Natural Horsemanship in Costa Rica

Bathing in waterfalls

Learning to surf

Exploring new cities

Learning Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

Dancing on bamboo platform under the stars, overlooking volcanos

Taking part in cacao ceremonies

Lancha commuting

Watching the sun rise over volcanos with friends

Zip lining in the jungle

Getting really happy when our laundry finally arrives from Mexico

Learning to fly

Celebrating Christmas like this

Being her

Being us

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