The journey begins

Let me share the world with you! A mom and daughter adventure in Central and South America

Tickets booked, apartment partly emptied and around a month left to take off. A seven months long adventure where my ten year old daughter Isa and I will be exploring Central and South America as well as other ways of living, relating, learning and being.

Sitting by the keyboard I’m looking for a voice to tell this story with words, something I’m not very practiced in. Even though I do a lot of journalling I haven’t shared my stories like this earlier. Photos yes, dancing yes, words no.

A dream took form

The idea and dream to go travelling together started to take form about a year ago when I was out on an eight week adventure on my own. To be able to be away from Isa for that long I needed a lot of help from family and friends. That journey gave me important insights on how I do and don’t want to live my life and with that a longing to include Isa. The first thought of taking her along came with an immediate response from my mind saying it would never work. What about school? What about her dad with whom she lives half of the time? What about my work?

But at that point I had practiced enough self reflection to be skeptical about these opinions that my head threw at me like they were absolute truths. I could feel that there was a bigger wanting to this than just an impulse of the moment and I had made an agreement to not let those die as unfulfilled dreams anymore. I saw them as breadcrumbs (as my dear friend Kathy often put it) leading me onward on my life journey. As a matter of fact, dreaming and taking action to create the life I desire has more and more become my way of living. With the process of connecting to what I want a lot of the things I THOUGHT I wanted have fallen away though. And dreams often seem to develop in a way I could never have imagined.

The purpose of dragging your ten year old around the globe

Traveling with Isa is a way of sharing what I believe in. That there are endless ways of living a life and that she is the creator of hers. That there is a freedom of choice first when you leave the well known path and opinions of others behind and you got only yourself to turn to. I want to give her an opportunity to question what defines us as humans, what makes us who we are, before she gets absorbed by the society she was born into and believes that’s all there is.

These things I want not so much teach my child as share with her, from my heart. Things that need to be experienced and known, not only discussed and analyzed. I can go on about this over the kitchen table but it will never be HER knowing without us leaving the safe comfort of home and old patterns. We don’t know what we will learn and see but we set out with curiosity and a big dose of excitement.

In this blog we intend to share parts of our journey, Isa and I. What we see, experience and discover. Both on the outside and the inside. (They tend to be the same thing anyway.) I will also share some of the challenges and practicalities of traveling alone with a child.

What we think we know about this adventure can be read here, other than that it’s as unknown to us as to anyone. You can follow along here on the blog and follow me on Instagram.

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  • Anni 21 September 2017  

    Spännande! Jag följer gärna er resa ???

  • Sofia 01 September 2017  

    Jag kommer att läsa och följa er med nyfikenhet, beundran och kärlek❤️

  • Linda 18 August 2017  

    Inspirerande och så bra skrivet. Ser fram emot att följa ☀️

  • Anki 17 August 2017  

    Vad spännandeoch lärorikt. Kommer med glädje att följa er. Kram till er båda?

  • Majsan 17 August 2017  

    Jag hoppas vi ses någonstans på vägen! Vilket äventyr!

  • Sara Bergfors 17 August 2017  

    Vi ser fram emot att följa er resa! Och tveka inte att höra av er om ni vill ha tips om Nicaragua eller Panama.
    Hälsningar Jean Carlos och Sara

  • Annika Pehrson 17 August 2017  

    Tack för att ni ska dela den här resan!! Det ska bli så spännande att följa er!
    /Annika och Herman

  • Eva Falk 17 August 2017  

    Och jag ser fram emot att följa er! Underbart! Kram

  • Nina Kapsimalis 16 August 2017  

    Det blir ju galet spännande att följa er! Vilken grej och vilken underbar resa ni har framför er! Stor kram till er båda

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