Self Mastery Course

Stockholm, Sweden | May - September 2018

I am inviting you on a journey that has meant a huge shift to a happier and more fulfilling life for me. For the past years I have been full-heartedly involved in self mastery work and am now offering this course that can help you change your relationship to yourself, others and life itself. A course where we will dive deep under the surface layers of our issues and change them at the source with a practical and effective step by step process. The goal for this course is for you to make changes so you feel happy and fulfilled in your life.

In this 5 month course you will gain deeper understanding of what is causing your emotional reactions and behaviours, awareness of underlying beliefs that creates suffering and tools to take them apart. It will also be an opportunity for sharing and connecting with others with acceptance and non-judgment.

The course is built on the Self Mastery Program by Gary van Warmerdam from We will follow the audio course and meet between the lessons to share about our process, ask questions and connect with others on a similar journey. With me as a guide you will get a more personalized experience where I will add practices tailored to your needs and life situation so you can make changes faster. You will receive a new lesson every two weeks and we will meet in between, except during July when we take summer break from meetings.

What about you?

You are looking for real sustainable change and are committed to do the work. You are tired of self help books stacking up on your book shelf or repeating the same stories to a therapist without feeling any different. You might suffer from burn-out, anxiety, low self-esteem, unwanted emotional reactions, memories and behavioural patterns from trauma, stress, depression, addictive behaviour or simply a feeling that life should be more than this. Whatever gender, background or titles – this is an opportunity to look beyond the symptoms and change the dynamics driving it all.

Course description

what you will get

  • Self Mastery Program, 14 audio sessions over 24 weeks
  • Eight 3-hour meetings (in Stockholm) during the course
  • Guidance and support in going beyond your old patterns and create sustainable change
  • Personalized coaching adapted to your needs and life situation
  • Opportunity to share and learn from other’s processes
  • An environment of acceptance and non-judgment which speeds up your growth process
  • Access to a member page with practices and other valuable resources

Schedule and cost

The course will run from May through September 2018 with a new session every two weeks and meeting in between.
During July we will take summer break from meetings.

Meetings between 18.00 – 21.00
16/5 and 30/5
June: 13/6 and 27/6
July: no meetings, only audio lessons
August: 8/8 and 22/8
September: 5/9 and 19/9

The price for the course is 3200:- and includes audio course, assignments, coaching meetings, snacks during meetings.

The meetings will be held in Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm.
Course will be held in Swedish or English depending on participants. Audio lessons are in English.

What you need to bring

  • A commitment and trust in the process.
    We will build skills over time and all changes won’t happen over night. The more tools we add to the toolbox the better you will understand the process.
    This is not just a sharing circle – you will get assignments and need to do the work to get the results you want.
  • A willingness to be honest with yourself.

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About your guide




Eva has spent her past few years deeply involved in various self mastery work, mainly with teacher Gary van Warmerdam at

She is a certified yoga teacher with in depth knowledge and experience in transitioning from a state of fight-flight-freeze to a nourished state where change can happen. Passionate about body-mind-emotion connection and the trust in yourself as your own teacher.

She uses her experiences with various practices to support the coaching process.

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