Learning Natural Horsemanship in Costa Rica

Connecting with horses in a new way

I’ve learned and discovered many things on this trip. One of the best things is when we were in Costa Rica, on a Horse Ranch. I love horses. Or actually, I love all kind of animals!!

We had roosters that woke me up at 4am (haha), beautiful people, the cutest dog Loke, cute cats too of course, they even had aerial silk fabrics, and the horses, of course. Getting up at half past 6 in the morning to see the sun rise and feed the horses is not so bad either. Yeah, the sunrise is just beautiful up in the mountains.

I had lessons everyday! And we took care of the horses all day. They are teaching a thing that is called Natural Horsemanship at the ranch. You are working with the horse by learning it’s body language and horsenality. Natural Horsemanship is not all about being on the horse’s back, you are playing with the horse on the ground too. There’s something called “the seven games” where you play with the horse, for exempel you can make the horse touch things with tapping on it. You can make the horse come to you by just call it in (almost how you do it when you see a cute dog and you want it to come to you). And the horse thinks it’s fun too, it feels like you’re playing with it.

I like to be around horses this way, you learn a language together with the horse that makes it respect you without using violence! I think that works best both for me and the horse.

Many websites explains this much more in detail, so if you wanna learn more about Natural Horsemanship, click here.

You can find Establo San Rafael where we stayed here.

Brenda is teaching me the circle game. I’m pointing the way I want Lluvia to go and she starts walking in a circle around me. When I want her to come back in again I put all my focus on her butt by staring at it, or pointing at it with the carrot stick.

Here it’s time to learn more games but on Lluvias back. In Natural Horsemanship you don’t use a bit because you don’t need it if you learn to communicate with the horse.

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