Naomi & Kevin

Me and Karim were asked to be photographers on the wedding of Naomi and Kevin in Nottingham, UK. I followed the groom and Karim the bride while they were getting ready and it was fun to have the opportunity to cover all angels at the ceremony. We had a fantastic day and so did Naomi and Kevin, which I think you can tell from the pictures.

Emma & Peter

With Emma and Peter I took pictures both of them getting ready for and celebrating their big day. It was a fun and challenging day, taking the bride and groom for a long walk on Långholmen to get some great pictures.

Moroccan Wedding

Last time in Morocco we visited Karim’s cousin Khaled’s wedding. I had only my 50mm lens and no zoom and was pretty frustrated. The result was a different kind of wedding shoot.


Cissi & CJ

Cissi and CJ had chosen a beautiful church close to the sea, north of Stockholm. It was a pleasure to take their weddingpictures in beginning of september.

Anders & Malin

Anders and Malin had a intimate wedding in a field in Djurgården, Stockholm. They were clearly enjoying the moment together with their dear ones and I was very happy to be there, taking their pictures.

Anna & Fredrik

When you’re asked to be the wedding photographer at your sisters wedding at Sunset Beach on Hawaii you just say yes. A fantastic and  fun wedding in the sunset I will never forget.

Nina & Niko

I photographed my dear friends Nina & Niko’s wedding in Halmstad. It was windy and the sea was rough but I was happy with the result. I think it shows the love and companionship that these two share.