Girl on the bridge

On my way home from a portrait workshop I met this girl on a bridge and asked if I could take her photo right there. I’m very happy she said yes.


This summer I took a portrait workshop with Knut Koivisto at Fotografiska in Stockholm. Here are some of the portraits I did for homework before the final day. Many thanks to my friend Pontus who had patience with me and showed me his true rock’n’roll colors. And many thanks to Knut for lots of inspiration and great fun!


Business portraits can be tricky, you never know what light and space conditions you will meet if the photos should be taken at the office.  But with small measures and portable lights you can turn almost any space into a simple studio. These are taken in the reception with a large window and a single photo lamp.

Oliver & Mio

These two brothers are really dear to me and I wanted to capture them in action – playing, hugging, fighting. They are so much in the moment and it was a pleasure documenting their world for a short while.


I took the opportunity to shoot Isa out in the tulip plantings in Saxdalen. Also, the new playhouse has a little narrow tower with white walls and a single window and proved to be a great place for portraits.

Julia & Rebecka

I got to play in the autumn leaves with these two sisters. It is so much fun to capture children in the middle of action. You just have to make them forget you are there first.

Astrid & Ellen

When photographing children I try either to get them involved in taking the pictures (for exemple they get to take a photo of their toy and look at the result) or make them forget me while I follow them around. The outcome is more natural pictures while they are having fun in the meantime.