our not so planned out plans

Who we are

Eva and Isa, mom and daughter, 36 and 10 years old.
From Stockholm, Sweden.

Isa is in 4th grade in school and likes horse riding, skateboarding and musica.ly. Eva runs a digital communication business and is an educated dancer and choreographer.

Where we are going

In September 2017 we are off to Mexico to start our 7 month long travel. We will be in Mexico for about one month to settle in to our new life away from home.

After that we start heading south. Plans are not set and we want to keep it open to what shows up and gets our interest along the way. We have thoughts on visiting Nicaragua, Columbia and Peru for example but that can all change.

We want to learn things along the way. Eva will study Spanish and Isa wants to stay on a horse farm at some point.

How we manage our school and work

Eva will be world schooling Isa, keeping in contact with her class and teacher along the way.

Eva is taking work with her along the road and will set up routines for balancing work with exploring and learning together with Isa.


You can always get in touch with us on Instagram or on hej@evaberonius.se

For Eva’s digital communication business, visit fibes.se

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