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Bits and pieces from our travel

Learning on the road and building a stove from clay

One of the things we have set out to do on this journey together is to learn new things. Stuff […]

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How to listen to the wind of your soul - why I keep coming back to Teotihuacan

How do you write about something that can’t be explained in words? Do you even try or do you leave […]

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Things I would tell my friend to do in Tulum

We left Mexico a little over a week ago and are currently in Guatemala. More on our experience here later […]

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Jumping in waves in Tulum!

So you know I wrote this post a couple of days ago.   Hi, it’s Isa writing again! Now we […]

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Take off: getting to Mexico and testing our skills in deep breathing

Nine days ago we were basically running out the door of our apartment in Stockholm. Not because we really wanted […]

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Isa's first post

Hi, it’s Isa here! I feel sick and I’m home from school, so I think I’m gonna write a little […]

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